Thursday, April 9, 2020

[Battle] DataViz Battle for the month of April 2020: Visualize the Memonavirus!

[Battle] DataViz Battle for the month of April 2020: Visualize the Memonavirus!: from r/aww


Welcome to the monthly DataViz Battle thread!

Every month, we will challenge you to work with a new dataset. These challenges will range in difficulty, filesize, and analysis required. If you feel a challenge is too difficult for you this month, it's likely next round will have better prospects in store.

This month we are collaborating with r/memes who are running an outbreak-style "Memonavirus" simulation and generating a dataset!! It's obvious that these are some trying times both physically and mentally with the COVID-19 outbreak. As most of us are now spending more time online or indoors, it's more than ever important to keep yourself happy, entertained, and above all, healthy. In light of recent events, they have designed this fun community event to draw attention to how fast the outbreak can spread, but also to have some comedy and ease your fears (see more event details here) We are collaborating with them to produce visualizations of their simulations!

Reddit Gold will be given to the best visual, based off of these criteria. Mods of r/memes are also offering Gold and Platinum here.

Winners will be announced in the sticky in next month's thread. If you are going to compete, please follow these criteria and the Instructions below carefully:Instructions

  1. Use the dataset below. Work with the data, perform the analysis, and generate a visual. It is entirely your decision the way you wish to present your visual.
  2. (Optional) If you desire, you may create a new OC thread. However, no special preference will be given to authors who choose to do this.
  3. Make a top-level comment in this thread with a link directly to your visual (or your thread if you opted for Step 2). If you would like to include notes below your link, please do so. Winners will be announced in the next thread!

The dataset for this month is: for submissions: 2020-05-08, 4PM ET

Rules for within this thread:We have a special ruleset for commenting in this thread. Please review them carefully before participating here:

  • All top-level replies must have a related data visualization, and that visualization must be your own OC. If you want to have META or off-topic discussion, a mod will have a stickied comment, so please reply to that instead of cluttering up the visuals section.
  • If you're replying to a person's visualization to offer criticism or praise, comments should be constructive and related to the visual presented.
  • Personal attacks and rabble-rousing will be removed. Hate Speech and dogwhistling are not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.
  • Moderators reserve discretion when issuing bans for inappropriate comments.
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