Saturday, April 4, 2020

DataIsBeautiful April Fool's Day Recap!

DataIsBeautiful April Fool's Day Recap!: from r/aww


Thank you everyone who participated in our April Fools endeavour! We know the world is crazy right now and DataisBeautiful sees *MANY* visualizations of said craziness, so we wanted to provide a more relaxed community for the day. We saw some fantastic submissions yesterday and have collected some highlights for you here!

- Did you see this puppy's nom post? It was one of our most popular submission! Not a dog person? No worries, cat posts were aplenty too.

- There were many a bread submissions! Some were round, some were eaten, some were posing in a delicious group picture of beautiful carbs. Protein came to the party too!

- We have condiments to go with it of course!

- And Dessert!! Sweets, chocolate, cake, macarons, brownies and of course Oreos!

- Fancy a beverage? We have alcohol (so much alcohol) and cups to go with it. Not your cup of tea? We have coffee, soda and energy drinks as well~

- Understandably, toilet rolls were popular!

- Anxieties have been running really high (and low). People are trying to commit to reading books, photography, playing and building games, and making music in the meantime! Some have managed to go sledding.

Overall we really hope you enjoyed the spirit of these posts as much as we did and we are now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

All rules are in full effect (do check out the side-bar!)

Stay safe and take care!

- DiB Mod Team

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