Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Introducing Rule 9: Personal Data Posts on Mondays

Introducing Rule 9: Personal Data Posts on Mondays: from r/aww


First, a heartfelt Happy New Year from all of the moderators in r/dataisbeautiful! We hope 2020 will be even more visually exciting and interesting here and to help that happen we're implementing a new rule.

We've all been enjoying the visuals our readers created about their moods, budgets, Tinder results, and even bowls of soup consumed, especially with 2019 just ending. That said, in the excitement to spread the wealth of data it's started to overshadow and drown out other high quality posts. To help with this we're rolling out Rule 9 - No Personal Data Posts Except Mondays. It's pretty much just as it seems; if you create a visual about yourself (or another individual / family that isn't well known) please hold off posting it until Monday.

It works just like Rule 8 which is US Politics on Thursdays. Posts containing personal data that are posted on a day other than Monday will be removed but you can re-post on the following Monday.

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